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Weights and Measures Service

The Weights and Measures Service is the competent authority for the enforcement of the Weights and Measures Legislation. Its principal aim is to ensure that accuracy of measurements is maintained, both at trade level and at scientific level.

Its main responsibilities are:

  • ensuring that only the legal units of measurements are used in the Republic of Cyprus.
  • the custody and preservation of the national standards of units of measurement.
  • the transposition of the relevant EU Legislation into National Legislation, as well as the drafting of primary and subsidiary legislation relating to weights and measures and pre-packaged commodities and the implementation and enforcement of such legislation.
  • The rendering of metrological services to the industry.

Main activities:

  • verification of Flowmetres at petrol stations.
  • verification of Flowmetres installed on fuel tankers.
  • verification of Weighbridges (≥ 3 t).
  • verification of Scales (< 3 t).
  • inspections concerning the Nominal Quantity of Prepackaged Goods, as well as their labelling.
  • investigation of complaints.
  • drafting of legislation relating to weights and measures.

Contact details
Αyiou Artemiou 6
2200 Geri
Tel. 22369844
Fax. 22369859



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