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Trade Service

The Trade Service aims to increase and diversify the exports of products and services, through the creation of the appropriate entrepreneurial ecosystem and structure, which will enable Cypriot companies to succeed in the new, highly competitive, international environment.

To this end, emphasis is placed on strengthening the ability of Cypriot product and services to penetrate foreign markets, mainly by making full use of the specialised Export Helpdesk service, locating new markets and working to create national branding as a way to build and manage the reputation of the products and services of Cyprus, highlighting their distinctive characteristics.

To accomplish its objectives, the Trade Service is cooperating closely with the Trade Centres of the Ministry abroad, the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Employers and Industrialists Federation, various other Associations, foreign embassies in Cyprus, as well as the business community.

The list of principal activities of the Service also includes the promotion of Cyprus as an international business centre and a provider of high value professional services.

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