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Industry and Technology Service

The Industry and Technology Service aims at upgrading the competitiveness of enterprises, mainly by improving the business environment through innovation, simplification of procedures, access to finance for SMEs, the creation of appropriate infrastructures and information networks and the promotion of technology and digital actions.

The policies and actions of the Service are in line with the EU policies for enterprises and industry and the corresponding EU guidelines.

New Industrial Policy 2019-2030

The new Industrial Policy 2019-2030 aims to establish a robust, intelligent and technologically developed industry, which will contribute greatly to the development and competitiveness of our economy and create employment opportunities for young people.

The strategic pillars of the Policy are:

  • developing new infrastructure.
  • improving the business environment.
  • enhancing access to finance.
  • digitalisation.
  • developing new skills and upgrading existing competencies.
  • enhancing the internationalisation of industry and increasing exports.

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