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Hydrocarbons Service

One of the main objectives of the Hydrocarbons Service is the transformation of Cyprus into an energy centre in the Eastern Mediterranean region, with our country, as a full Member State of the European Union, aiming to utilise its hydrocarbon resources and create the necessary infrastructures, for enhancing the EU's security of energy supply. Cyprus can contribute towards the transformation of the eastern Mediterranean into an area of sustainable and balanced economic development by enhancing political stability and improving bilateral relationships, building on synergies emerging from the exploitation of hydrocarbons in the region.

The vision of the Hydrocarbons Service is fully aligned with the country's hydrocarbons policy, which is the optimal and sustainable development of the hydrocarbon resources of Cyprus, in order to contribute towards maximizing State revenues and boost the country’s economy for the benefit of Cypriot society and future generations.

The emerging oil and gas industry in Cyprus has the potential to contribute to the creation of new jobs through the entire industry chain, thereby boosting employment and the economy, which can thus evolve into a knowledge-based system. For this to be achieved, the Hydrocarbons Service is assessing the needs of the national labour force and develops the appropriate education and training programs, in order to obtain the relative skills, knowledge and expertise.

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