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Department of Registrar of Companies

The mission of the Department of Registrar of Companies is the implementation of government policy on matters facilitating the development of business activity, as well as the creation and maintenance of suitable conditions for the further activation of the commercial and industrial world, in Cyprus and abroad. The Department consists of the Companies Section and the Intellectual and Industrial Property Section.

Companies Section

The Companies Section deals with the registration, follow up, control and striking off, of local and overseas companies, partnerships and business names. The aim is to ensure adequate and accurate information of the data kept for the organisations in the Department’s Register.

The Section advances, supports and facilitates the commercial transactions in all fields/sectors of the economy.

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Intellectual and Industrial Property Section

The mission of the Intellectual and Industrial Property Section is to improve the protection of intellectual property rights, by providing to the beneficiaries the maximum information and support and by monitoring the register of Trade marks, Patents and Industrial Designs in the Republic of Cyprus.

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