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“Ideas Powered for Business SME Fund” IP pre-diagnostic (IP Scan) service fees reimbursement

The Department of Registrar of Companies and Intellectual Property hereby announces that as of 1st April 2022 Cypriot small and medium sized enterprises may apply for the IP pre-diagnostic service (IP Scan). Applicants are eligible for a 90% fee reimbursement through the European Union Intellectual Property Office and the European Commetee’sIdeas Powered for business SME Fund grant scheme”. The maximum amount for which the 90% reimbursement will be applied for is €900 per service.

The IP Scan service is a key tool for developing SME’s Intellectual Property Strategy through analysing their business model, products and services. It helps enterprises to decide what Intellectual Property Rights to apply for, how to develop their Intellectual Property portfolio and how to plan for the future if they already have registered Intellectual Property Rights.

Small and medium sized enterprises interested in applying for IP Scan service must originally submit an application at the SME Fund grand scheme Voucher 1. After receiving approval for Voucher 1, they must express their interest by writing to the Department of Registrar of Companies and Intellectual Property at deptcomp@drcor.meci.gov.cy and copying ppandeli@drcor.meci.gov.cy. The Department will send the list of approved professionals to the enterprise in order to choose and apply for the service. The service must be completed within 4 months from the appointment of the professional.

After completion of the service, which will be audited by the Department, and the payment of the relevant fees to the professional, the Department will issue a “Proof of Payment” form which will be used by the enterprise for reimbursement purposes.

For any additional information regarding the “Ideas Powered for Business” SME Fund grant scheme and the IP Scan service please contact Mr. Pandelis Pandeli at 22404357 or at ppandeli@drcor.meci.gov.cy.


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